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Wireless Connection

1. Q: The projector does not have a screen mirroring interface. The screen mirroring interface shows no signal, blue screen, and WiFi is not displayed, what do I do?
A: Try restarting the device to see if it will restore. It is possible the screen mirroring cable is loose, or there could even be a software problem. If this doesn't seem to fix the issue, contact customer service for further help.
2. Q: There is no network connection when connecting the projector via hot spot?

A: Hot spots do not affect the use, just connect the projector as usual.

    PS: Because your phone is connected to the projector via hot spot, the home WiFi cannot be connected which means your mobile phone data is being used. Make sure you have a good service on your phone before considering the use of a hot spot.

3. Q: The video cannot be mirrored to the projector? There is sound but no picture when screen mirroring? Or there is no picture and no sound?
A: Copyrighted videos, such as ‘Amazon Prime’, ‘YouTube’, ‘Hulu’, ‘Netflix’, ‘Disney+‘ or other popular streaming services, cannot be mirrored on the same screen. Is the source resolution too high? (For example 4k, 8k); The video refresh rate exceeds 60hz.
4. Q: Screen mirroring is successful, but there is no sound in the playing video?
A: Is the video encoded with Dolby? Some projectors do not support Dolby encoded video. Try to play the video by using a U disk to see whether there is sound. If there is sound, the film source could be the problem. If there is no sound, the problem could be occurring in the projector speaker. Contact customer service for further assistance.
5. Q: What do I do when the connection of screen mirroring keeps disconnecting?
A: Restart the router, projector, and mobile phone. Try to reconnect.
6. Q: What if I can't connect to the network when screen mirroring?

A: Several different issues could be the problem.  

    1. The router could have reached the number of connection limits. Sometimes the connection on your mobile phone could also be unsuccessful. The router has a limit on the number of connected devices.

    2. The password could have been entered wrong.

    3. Your projector could be too far away from the router. Move it closer and try to reconnect.

    4. The projector's Wi-Fi is faulty. Please try to restart your router or restore the settings.

    5. Make sure that your router is 2.4G which is consistent with the device parameter. Otherwise, you may be unable to connect.

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