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Screen Problems

1. Q: Why does the projection screen have spots, and why is the screen yellow?

A: Most of these problems are caused by dust or screen defects. If any of the above problems occurred, you can try to clean the lens first. If the problem still exists after cleaning, it is possible that they are caused by screen defects. Contact customer service for further help.
2. Q: What do I do if my projection screen has a severe color cast or image distortion? The projection color is abnormal.
A: Try adjusting the color in the settings and restore the factory settings to see if this resolves the issue. If the problem still exists, the cable might be damaged. Contact customer service for further help.
3. Q:Large black shadows appear on the projector screen, are blurred, and have lines, what do I do?

A: The cause of the black shadow could be the occlusion of the internal structure of the projector, or the problem may just be the screen. The appearance of the lines or blurred screens may be a problem with the mainboard or the screen of the projector. Try to power off and restart your projector to see if it can be restored. Otherwise, contact customer service for help.

4. Q: Why is there no picture displayed when the projector is turned on?

A: You need to check whether the fan is rotating, to determine if the projector is on. If the fan is whirling, the projector is on. Tap the top case of the projector to see if there are screen flashes. The flashing means there is a problem with the screen connection, and the cable may be loose. If the cable is damaged, it needs to be repaired as soon as possible. Another reason may be caused by a simple screen issue or the lamp of the projector could be burned out. If there is no flashing at all, contact customer service for help. If the fan does not rotate, it means that the projector does not work, the machine is defective. 

5. Q: The screen is white or black after the projector is turned on, what do I do?
A: Try to power off the projector completely then turn it back on, restarting it. Check the machine model, some older version system problems can be solved by simply upgrading the software. If none of the above suggestions solve the problems, the projector's main board may be damaged or caused by other various issues. Contact customer service for further assistance.
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