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Wired Connection

1. Q: The computer or other device via HDMI failed to connect to the projector.
A: Check whether the input source is correctly connected, the wire is original and damage-free and there are no compatibility issues. If the HDMI interface has poor contact or is foreign to the projector, try changing the HDMI cable (HDMI converter (VGA to HDMI), or replace the converter). 
2. Q: What do I do when the screen of the projector is black when connected via HDMI?

A: Before anything, check if the wire is poorly connected, if so, unplug it and replace it. If the issue is still occurring consider that some computers need to set the projector as the second screen in the settings-display-for the first time in order to connect to the projector. The projector only supports 1080p. With that in mind, the input resolution from the source may be set too high, lower this setting and try again.

3. Q: What if a splash screen appears when connected through an HDMI connection (screen flickering, shaking, etc.)?
A: Check if there is interference from any other equipment such as other electronic devices. Some electromagnetic equipment will interfere when working and could cause interference. For example, if your phone is closely placed on the projector it will cause interference. Otherwise, the input refresh rate could be too high. The projector only supports a 60hz refresh rate, check the settings and lower it down if needed.
4. Q: There is no sound when the projector is connected to my Mac computer. What should I do?

A: 1. Choose Apple menu> “System Preferences”, then click “Sound”. In the "Output" panel, check to be sure your Mac is in the correct state.

    2. If you use a Mini Display Port converter to connect, please make sure your Mac can pass Mini Display Port and send audio.

    3. If you are connecting from a Mac mini computer, unplug any audio devices that have been connected to the computer's audio output port and try again.

5. Q: IOS and Android can't screen mirror when in wired mode?

A: Is the USB cable connected to the USB interface of screen mirroring? Are you using the original data cable? Please check whether the cable is physically damaged, if it is, replace the cable immediately.

Android wired connection is not recommended. The sound can't play through the projector by Android wired devices, the audio plays through the mobile phone and not the projector. Some Android wired connections require you to download software, which can lead to more issues. It would be more cumbersome to open a USB to adjust the audio. It is recommended to use the wireless connection if possible.

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